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  2. 3 years ago

    My latest app on MAS is

    Giving Thanks Blessing Journal


    This free app came as an inspiration last year from a church service to be thankful for the blessings in our lives and to journal it. The initial app was developed in SWIFT for the iOS last year which I plan to code in Xojo for a future release.

    This Mac version is written solely in Xojo and was a joy to work with.

    Apart from being able to journal the blessings in your life, it comes built in with two complete Bible versions, the King James Version and the Web English Bible. You can use the easy to use insert a verse or passages into the journal entries. There is also to search through the entire bible for the relevant keywords or phrase.


    As an inspirational tool, it also comes with over 200 specially curated bible verses


    It comes complete with the option to share the journal entries to inspire others through the MacOS built in Share Menu extensions.

  3. Hal G

    1 Oct 2017 CampSoftware.com

    We just released SpeakerQue at http://speakercue.com

    I hope it's ok to post here, I didn't see an option for Apps not in a Store...

    SpeakerQue is a confidence monitor for professional producers and presenters.


    What is a Confidence Monitor?
    A Confidence Monitor is a computer display that faces the speaker, generally not visible to the audience, which displays information such as remaining time and information from the producer used to keep the speaker focused on their presentation.

    SpeakerQue as a Confidence Monitor
    SpeakerQue is designed to run on Mac or Windows where the producer controls what is displayed on the confidence monitor. Ideally, the producer would use a laptop with an external display with the Producer Window on the laptop display and the Presenter Window on the external display within view of the speaker.

    SpeakerQue has settings for:

    • End Time
    • Display as Current Time or Countdown
    • Display Format
    • Color of Time, Background, Message
    • Remaining Minutes Optional Time Color and Flash
    • Message

    Producer Window

    Presenter Window

  4. Sam R

    1 Oct 2017 Testers, Xojo Pro, Third Party Store Hengchun, Pingtung, Taiwan

    @Hal G We just released SpeakerQue at http://speakercue.com

    I hope it's ok to post here, I didn't see an option for Apps not in a Store...

    Originally this thread is to help illustrate the Xojo made applications that have made it on to the App Store, perhaps we could start another thread for Xojo made apps in the wild?

  5. 2 years ago

    Daniel F

    2 Dec 2017 Testers, Xojo Pro Germany

    Our invoicing app in the app stores of Germany, Austria and Switzerland... vcEuroFaktura

    mac appstore link
    product homepage


    manage your items






    get statistics


    quotes, orders, deliveries and invoices and point-of-sale mode


  6. Gavin S

    2 Dec 2017 Testers, Xojo Pro, Forum Moderators, MVP UK

    We launched Server Ranger 2 on the Mac App Store this week and it's doing pretty good. It monitors servers, websites or devices for performance and uptime. For example, if a website goes down, Server Ranger 2 can send alerts via SMS text message, email or a notification. Each device can have its own alert policy.

    It's used all over the world in home offices, IT departments and schools. I know of one guy who travels a lot and runs several businesses around the world, including an office in a remote area. He uses Server Ranger 2 to get an overview of all his devices and to ensure everything is running as it should be.

    Server Ranger 2 website
    Server Ranger 2 on Mac App Store





  7. shao s

    2 Dec 2017 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

    A buddy of mine, runs an ISP and hosting company, uses ServerRanger to monitor his servers..

  8. George A

    12 Mar 2018 Testers, Xojo Pro

    Moneyspire personal finance software - on the Mac App Store, as well as Windows App Store, Amazon, and Mac/Windows distributions on our website. http://www.moneyspire.com

  9. scott b

    13 Mar 2018 Testers, Xojo Pro local coffee shop

    @George A Moneyspire personal finance software - on the Mac App Store, as well as Windows App Store, Amazon, and Mac/Windows distributions on our website. http://www.moneyspire.com

    very nice looking application.

  10. @George A I'm curious what solution you went with for your calendar interface?

  11. George A

    14 Mar 2018 Testers, Xojo Pro

    @Dave K @George A I'm curious what solution you went with for your calendar interface?

    We use Jeremie Leroy's Calendar View.

  12. Valdemar D

    5 May 2018 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe ( France, Paris )

    My last App in AppStore : AZTEC Code generator https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/aztec-code-generator/id1323789998?mt=12

    And an update for QR Code App with 64Bits, TouchBar and new interface : https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/qr-code/id441007194?mt=12

  13. Gavin S

    11 May 2018 Testers, Xojo Pro, Forum Moderators, MVP UK

    Server Ranger 2 (for Mac, Windows and Linux) won a Xojo Design award at XDC 2018 and to celebrate, I did a little revamp of the website and made a promotional video.

    App info - https://www.libertyapp.com/serverranger.html
    Buy for Mac - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/server-ranger-2/id1123314447?mt=12
    Buy for Windows and Linux - https://www.libertyapp.com/serverranger.html#buynow
    Direct link to video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5-QpLBQP6A

    I make no apologies if the music from the video never leaves your head again :)

  14. 8 months ago

    Gijs R

    11 Sep 2019 Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Edited 8 months ago

    For me my Mac App store apps are fun to do and make the hobby pay for itself: https://apps.apple.com/nl/developer/g-raggers/id1438841415?l=en

    Lately I enjoy abusing the listbox for simple arcade games like breakout and Tetris :)

  15. Tim P

    12 Sep 2019 Testers, Xojo Pro Rochester, NY

    Task Timer 6, the time tracking tool from BKeeney Software is now available in the Mac App Store!

  16. iDAMedic


  17. Beatrix W

    29 Sep 2019 Testers, Third Party Store Europe (Germany)

    My application Mail Archiver X has a little sister in the appstore called Mail Archiver X Easy:


  18. Thomas T

    30 Sep 2019 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe (Germany, Munich)

    Find Any File, which I conceived around 2005 with Real Studio and which was the top 1 utility app when the MAS opened in 2011, will soon disappear from the Mac App Store because the new 64 bit version (v2.0) has been rewritten in ObjC with Xcode and will replace the Xojo version in a few days.

  19. 6 months ago

    Stefan W

    22 Nov 2019 Testers, Xojo Pro Hannover, Germany

    Last year I submitted my first Xojo app called Base64UI to the Mac store. It's a tool to encode and decode any file or data to and from base64. It also allows to calculate various hash values like MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512. Compared to most of the hundret other base64 tools around, Base64UI can perfectly deal with binary files. It also tries to detect the type of a file when decoding base64 text. Base64UI is also available for Windows 10.

    My second projekt is called MP3 Audiobook Tagger and it's a specialized app to manage ID3 tags for audio books. Compared to the classic ID3 tag tools this app helps to have consistent tags and file/chapter numbering, which is essential for audio books. MP3 Audiobook Tagger is avalable for Windows also.

    Both apps are available in german and english language.

  20. Pascal P

    22 Nov 2019 Testers Europe (France)
    Edited 6 months ago

    Filmotech, a movie cataloger, is available for Mac/PC since 2007 (first private version in 2004), and in the Mac App Store since 2011.
    I've released more than 80 versions since 2004 :)
    And it's still free !

    The last update is for the dark mode on Mac (Xojo 2019r1.1)

    Mac/PC standard : https://www.filmotech.info
    Mac App Store : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/filmotech/id413537700?mt=12


  21. 4 months ago

    Horst J

    Feb 5 Testers, Xojo Pro Europe, Germany, Stuttgart

    Read my application story "Acana QR Code Generator" from the AppStore team.



    Or on my product page

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