MIDI File player plugin/class

  1. 5 years ago

    Doug S

    6 Apr 2015 Vancouver, Canada

    Hey folks,

    I'm wondering if there is such a thing as a MIDI-file-player class/plugin/module/library. That is to say something I can point a MIDI file at, and have it take care of all the playing, timing etc. (I am well aware of the NotePlayer in XOJO, but really not up to writing my own playback/queue code for more complex compositions.)

    Any info in this area is helpful - I am much more musician than a coder.

  2. Christian S

    6 Apr 2015 Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers, Third Party Store Germany

    With older Xojo you can use quicktime functions to open .mid file, I think.

    PS: MBS Plugin has MidiPlaybackMBS class, but you need to read file yourself and pass data at right time.

  3. Doug S

    6 Apr 2015 Vancouver, Canada

    Schön Dank Christian,

    I was looking at the documentation for the MBS plug-in and it looked a bit beyond my current skills.

    What do you mean "older" Xojo? RealBasic/Studio?

  4. Christian S

    7 Apr 2015 Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers, Third Party Store Germany

    2013 and older.

  5. Doug:

    I have a dll midi library from Heiko Plate (see: http://www.heikoplate.de/hpm/ ) that I have adapted to XoJo and it reads, edits, plays midi files from the PC(not mac).

    See: http://psrtutorial.com/MB/mixMaster.html and http://psrtutorial.com/MB/padmakermidi.html for some applications I have developed.

    Let me know at mpb@vermontel.net if the XoJo module that usedd Heiko's dll would be of interest to you.

  6. 5 months ago

    Robert H

    Feb 12 Australia
    Edited 5 months ago

    Hello Michael,

    I'm writing a database win application which I 'm wanting to re-create a midi tempo track from a Bar/beat list.

    Is your Xojo module using Heiko's dll available?

    Many thanks in advance

  7. Brian O

    Feb 13 Calgary, AB
    Edited 5 months ago

    Microsoft had an API that took text command like play x.mid as a string.... I'm wondering if you can call it from xojo to do what you want to do.. 'course it probably isn't cross platform... but...
    Media Control Interface (MCI)

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