Runtime Error ... Failure condition: usageCount ???

  1. 5 years ago

    Got this error in my application yesterday.

    Failure Condition: usageCount

    Any ideas what caused this? Is there a fix?


  2. David C

    23 May 2014 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro Derby, ITM

    Accessing MySQL too frequently within a set time period — that was it for me anyway.

  3. Albin K

    23 May 2014 Europe (Sweden)

    I have the same behavior currently but I can't reproduce it reliably.
    This case is closed but if you have something to add…
    Feedback Case #33421

  4. Albin K

    23 May 2014 Europe (Sweden)
    Edited 5 years ago

    @David C Accessing MySQL too frequently within a set time period — that was it for me anyway.

    It has something to do with MySQL indeed.

  5. Christian S

    23 May 2014 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers Germany

    This may be a bug with MySQL plugin not doing reference count of objects correct.

    But I think we may need to have Xojo Engineer tell us what the condition in REALstring.cpp:207 is exactly.

  6. Appears nothing can (or has) been done to rectify it so I wonder then how I could trap for that error so that the program would not crash?

  7. In my case:

    "Universal\REALstring.cpp: 134
    Failure Condition: usageCount"

    Database: MySQL/MariaDB
    Standalone Web Application


  8. 4 years ago

    Rick P

    11 Mar 2015 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro

    If I run this command in my app, I get the usageCount error (Universal\REALstring.cpp: 134
    Failure Condition: usageCount) :

    UPDATE customers,transactions,txitems SET customers.lists = 'qSHP Customersq' where
    transactions.customerid = customers.serial AND txitems.txid = transactions.serial AND instr(txitems.description,'SHP') <> 0

    If I run it in SequelPro, it executes perfectly and reports the correct number of rows affected. Would be nice to see this resolved.

  9. Joe R

    11 Mar 2015 Xojo Inc

    A small and reproducible test case on a bug report would help.

  10. Stanley R

    24 Nov 2015 Pre-Release Testers Europe

    I get a 'Universal\REALstring.cpp:122', Failure Condition: usageCount error on Windows when using a ComboBox with autocomplete, each time you write a character a Valentina query is executed to show matches. I get the error after typing 2 or 3 character, the database has only a couple of 2 or 3 subsequent Valentina queries cause this problem? Note that after displaying the error, my application freezes along with the whole system. I have to reboot the whole computer. No problem on Mac OS. I have seen that ComboBox on windows have lots of bugs awaiting for a fix, I wonder if one of those bugs is not calling the autocomplete function too often...

  11. Christian S

    24 Nov 2015 Pre-Release Testers, Xojo Pro, XDC Speakers Germany

    This often happens if the plugin developer releases the string object too often.
    So if you know which command sequence causes this, the developer of the plugin can look for it.

  12. Stanley R

    24 Nov 2015 Pre-Release Testers Europe

    It is weird that the app only shows this problem from MS Windows and especially from a ComboBox. Nowhere else. The app is huge, there are places where thousands of SQL queries are done flawlessly on DBs with over 20k records. In that precise case I can crash the whole computer with 2 simple queries and 2 records in the DB. Amazing...

  13. 4 months ago

    Jay J

    Feb 17 Alaska (until I can escape!)

    I'm getting this without running any code -- it happens when Xojo is starting up while loading my project:

    Location: Universal/REALstring.cpp:130
    Condition: usageCount

    It then happens at other time such as when switching to a different window, dragging an asset into the project list, etc, and eventually Xojo crashes. This all happens without running my project at all. Using Xojo 2018.4 on macOS Mojave 10.14.2.

  14. Alfred V

    Feb 17 Pre-Release Testers

    @Jay J Location: Universal/REALstring.cpp:130
    Condition: usageCount

    This suggests a plugin doing something wrong in designtime. It can be a Xojo plugin or a third party plugin that usually represents a Control. As was said a number of years ago, It is the locking or unlocking of a string, aka REALstring that goes wrong. To figure this out, you need to remove third-party plugins one by one and see what happens. My guess is that you see this on the windows platform? If you don't have third-party plugins then it points to a Xojo plugin. That should then trigger Xojo engineers to ask you more of the same.

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